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Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov
A PhD in medical science and author of unique wellness and healing practices
How often do you try to relieve your stress by overeating, watching television or playing computer games? When a person has overtension, they attempt to relieve their stress by laying in bed for a long time, overeating, watching television or playing computer games. This stress is frequently accompanied by mental fatigue, which in turn can lead to a nervous breakdown.
We recommend a consultation if you:
Your daily routine is disrupted, and you suffer from poor concentration, a bad mood, and tension headaches;
Can’t control your behaviour, and have a tendency to overwork;
Are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and find it impossible to continue to live a happy life, sleep does not help you relax and you have no strength or will to work;
Suffer from depression, apathy, despair, bad mood, irritability;
Can’t self-motivate yourself to do something, experience difficulties tolerating your fellow colleagues and people that surround you, are susceptible to climate changes.
Experience hopelessness, are disappointed in yourself, your loved ones and your job, and are unable to talk to other people;

Mental fatigue manifests itself in a bad state of mind, tension headaches, inability to talk to other people, absence of the strength to work, nervous breakdowns, poor concentration, inability to self-motivate yourself to do something and so on.

The main symptom of overtension is feeling incapable of living a normal life, and sleep does not help you relax. When a person suffers from overtension, they gradually accumulate both mental and physical fatigue, which are destructive to their health and life.

When suffering from overtension, a person experiences three types of problems:
Dynamic tension
Hopelessness, mental fatigue and disappointment is considered to be dynamic tension.
Static tension
Despair, irritability and hypersensitivity. This is considered to be mental static tension.
Negative attitude
Apathy, depression and sulking is considered to be a negative attitude.
In these three states, the person is incapable of controlling themselves, is unable to properly rest, and even sleep does not relieve a certain fatigue in the body. This is the main distinction between regular physical tiredness and mental tension.
A significant sign of overtension is the inability to control your mental functions. This condition is subsequently accompanied by physical fatigue, which cannot be relieved by sleep. Constant mental tension utterly drains a person and deprives them of any strength. In our modern world, mental tension is the main cause of chronic health conditions and difficulties experienced at work and in personal life.

What are energetic blockages?

Energetic blockages are a negative accumulation of energy in one of the zones of the energy layer, which is part of your subtle energy body. They cause difficulty in the movement of energy in the body, which disrupts the regulation of both energy and physiological processes. Such energetic blockages come in varying degrees of density and coverage width.
Physically, overtension can cause three types of conditions:
Dynamic tension leads to stiffness and pain in the body
Static tension causes overheating and inflammatory processes

A negative attitude results in intoxication, obesity, benign and malignant tumors
Oleg Gennadievich assesses your overall state on the basis of your questionnaire.
Filling in the questionnaire
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 1:
One of our employees gets in touch with you to decide on a suitable date and time for your consultation.
Stage 4:
During your consultation, a specialist will tell you in detail about the type of tension you have developed and which sphere of your life it impacts. The specialist will then select individual treatment and healing methods for you.
1 hour + 15 minutes + 15 minutes
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But that’s not all!
  • Our consultants stay in touch with you during the next 30 days
  • Round-the-clock support
  • The possibility of scheduling an additional consultation with our specialist in order to boost your results
After a diagnostic test you will know for certain on which energy layer you have a blockage, and which sphere of your life it affects negatively and how.
with the possibility of receiving answers to the questions that may arise.
which is comprised of energy layers, are carefully selected specifically for you. You will know for certain what trees are appropriate for your healing, what kinds of exercises will be effective in your case and how frequently you must perform them. You will be instructed on the duration of every particular exercise.
A rigorous examination of your physical and mental state.

Individual methods of healing and purification of your subtle energy body
You will also be given a course of actions for the next 6 months
You will obtain a thorough understanding of the causes of your current state
and also of the ways to combat and eliminate them.
  • will be able to rest properly and restore your strength fully
  • will be in a good state of mind, overflowing with strength and energy
  • will benefit from a comfortable daily routine
  • will be able to have a deep and healthy sleep on a regular basis
  • will experience an increase in your performance and productivity, as well as in concentration, resilience, and, consequently, in your quality of life, income and well-being
  • will have sufficient strength to achieve your goals
  • get on well with other people
  • enjoy happy, harmonious relationships in your family, at work and elsewhere
  • You are not ready to follow the recommendations you are given properly and regularly
  • You expect immediate results
This consultation is not a medical service and is not a substitute for an appointment with a doctor. It provides you with general advice on the healing and recovery of your body and your well-being.
Has A PhD in Medical Science.
Did a doctoral thesis on the ways
of a healthy lifestyle in 2012.
Received the praise and gratitude of hundreds of thousands of people.
1 000 000
people around the globe have completed his courses or attended his lectures.
Was awarded the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences named after I.I. Mechnikov in Health and Psychology for

"Outstanding Contribution to Strengthening the Wellness of the Nation".
Oleg Torsunov has been researching and implementing his own healing methods, which have been proven efficient for thousands of people.
The author of more than
Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov
In 2013 he founded the “Amrita” health center.
In 2011 he was awarded the title of Professor of the International Academy of Sobriety.
These are the people who have been applying the healing methods and practices of Oleg Torsunov in their life for more than 10 years, and who have therefore achieved remarkable results thanks to these methods and practices.

The specialists of the “Amrita” health center.
«We live in difficult times and we have to know what to do and what steps to take to protect ourselves».

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