Body cleansing
Guidance manual
We live in difficult times and one has to know what to do and what steps to take to protect oneself.
Oleg Gennadiyevich Torsunov. Doctorate Degree in Medicine. In 2011 was awarded a title of Professor of International Academy of Soberness.

Was given a gold medal of I.I.Mechnikov RANS «For Contribution into the Health of the Nation».

Acknowledgement and gratitude of hundreds thousands of people. Over 1 000 000 people all over the world have participated in his courses and trainings.

He is the author of over 30 books in health and psychology. Oleg Torsunov has been researching and applying his proprietary methods of health improvement for over 30 years, they proved effective with thousands of people.

Founded health centre “Amrita” in 2013
About the author:
cannot talk to people, have no energy to live;
If you:
...then most probably you have mental overload.
From constant mental overload a person feels chronically disempowered. In the modern world mental overload is the main reason for chronic diseases as well as problems with work and personal life.
Mental overload has its effect both on mental and physical levels causing problems at work, with the family, chronic diseases, inpaired productivity.
cannot control your behaviour, work a lot, feel constantly tired;
feel you cannot live a normal life;
are in a bad mood;
cannot concentrate;
feel hopelessness, feel you are a failure, frustrated with your loved ones, your work;
do not have energy;
lose your temper;
do not feel rested after a sleep;
feel tension in you head;
have frayed nerves;
cannot start doing something;
feel apathy, depression, low spirits, bad mood;
cannot stand the climate, colleagues, environment and so on.
have disrupted daily routine;
This is what this guidance manual is about.
Can can we do?
How can we help ourselves and our loved ones?
What is overload
Diagnostics of your own state
3 main energies of consciousness
3 main mental channels
Reasons of being overloaded
Types of overload:
Physical overload
Mental overload
Dynamic overload
Static overload
Negative mood
Mental blocks - what are they?
5 mental layers

What is there?
108 pages of detailed analysis of the method.
Format : PDF
Body cleansing methods. How to help
Active body cleansing:
static exercises;
dynamic exercises;
cleansing by trees.
Passive body cleansing:
cleansing of static overload with water;
cleansing of dynamic overload with sauna;
cleansing of negative tonus with the Sun;
cleansing of dynamic overload with wind and energy of mountains.

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